Reel Luke Pendley's Reel

Boxhead Boxhead
As a boy It was his only friend. Now It is his worst nightmare. Boxhead is a surreal and nightmarish glimpse into the inner life of an aging recluse. The man's fears and alienation feed Boxhead, making him much more than an imaginary friend.
Grim Fascade Grim Fascade
A dark cautionary tale about Lucius who cares about nothing but dealing drugs, making money, and getting respect in his rural Colorado town. Grim learns that his greatest enemy is himself. Wrote, directed, and played the lead role.
Distance to Here Distance to Here
A Neil Labute play directed by Doris Mirescu.
Scene I (3:10)| Scene II (8:37)
Holiday Holiday
A New York City tough, distracted by his remembrances of Holidays past, is mugged and beaten; in a lonely café he finds a kindred spirit. Wrote, directed, and played the lead role.